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DhimanInfotech Editorial Services is one of the leading content editing services for manuscript, PhD Thesis, eBook, Authors, Research Papers and Dissertation. We have group of highly qualified editors which are experienced enough to create remarkable and cost effective Editing for your matter. We also provide content writing assistance such as PhD thesis and Dissertations. We also include Publication support services that done according to predefined guidelines that are given by universities and monitoring authorities in Delhi, India
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Benefits of Proofreading From Us

 What are the benefits of proofreading?


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  • How much do your proofreading and editing services cost?

    Now a days so many questions arises for how much cost for proofreading.  Actually, the Proofreaders charges by the word, giving you the benefit of knowing up front how much your project will cost. For editing services, (rewrites), or unconventional and/or technical proofreading, an hourly rate will apply. Most of our clients have a fixed budget within which we try to work. Don’t publish or turn in an un-proofread document because of price – contact The Proofreaders for a custom quote. Please refer to our Pricing Guide for greater detail.

    • By Word : 4.50/word
    • By Page : 40 Rs/page
    • By the Hour – ($95 and up) : An hourly rate is charged for projects that are hard to quote
    • By Project : All jobs have a $60 minimum

    Please Contact Us for Proofreading and Editing Services

  • How can I be sure you haven’t missed anything?

    Our comprehensive proofreading checklist ensures editing accuracy on every document. We cover the entire range of proofreading and editing components, including:

    • Grammatical
    • Typographical
    • Structural
    • Presentational

    This encompassing proofreading listing is intended to catch each attainable error, whether or not ensuing from late-night typewriting, forgotten English, English as a second language, or alternative reasons. Our proofreaders and editors area unit extraordinarily knowledgeable and can not solely correct your documents, however conjointly provide intelligible explanations therefore you’ll avoid creating an equivalent mistake within the future.

    Proofreading Checklist

    • Do not Rely on Spell Check
    • Slow Down
    • Watch Comma Usage
    • Watch Out For Other Frequent Errors

    Please contact us for Proofreading and Editing Errors.

  • Are my documents kept confidential?

    Without question! All of our proofreaders have signed our in-house NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and we will be happy to sign one that you or your legal team has drafted as well. The Proofreaders is only interested in proofreading and editing your documents. Once completed, they will remain on our in-house servers for a limited period, after which time they will be deleted.

  • What is copyediting and how does it differ from proofreading

    Copyediting is the process of making your document easy to understand and easy to read. A good copyeditor will also proofread your document as he or she is going through the material. Learn more about copyediting.

  • Is there a difference between content editing and copy editing ?

    Copy Editing versus Content Editing. There is often confusion between the terms copy editing and content editing. … Copy editing (sometimes written as one word – copy editing), is checking a copy for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, verb tenses and other grammatical error,

    Please contact us for editing services.

  • How fast can you proofread my document(s)?

    Actually its depend on the length of you printed matter, you could have it proofread and edited in as little as 2-12 hours.Our fast turnaround time already give benefit to creative groups, college students, large companies, lawyers and those who want immediate proofreading. Please contact us for fat editing and proofreading services.

  • Is there a marketplace for quick proofreading services
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