Academic writing is totally different from content writing. 

Bloggers do content writing. thus do some freelance writers. 

But alternative freelance writers do academic writing.

What’s the difference? And which sort of writing do you have to do?

Today we tend to are going to answer this question, which is able to assist you to select the sort of freelancer you’ll be.

Difference Between Academic Writing & Content Writing

Content Writing

Content writing involves writing content for the web.

Content writing is what bloggers do. They share information via blog posts, that are articles written for his or her websites (or others’ websites, if they are doing guest posting).

Content writing allows for flexibility. Writers can share their personal stories as they teach others.

Content writing involves formatting your blog posts properly to attain maximum impact and capture your audience’s attention.

Content writing involves referencing others’ works via each direct quotes and links. As noted in Plagiarism (VS fair Use): What Bloggers have to be compelled to understand, it’s not a good plan to repeat others while not providing correct attribution.

Content writers understand several topics associated with blogging, like promoting, SEO rules for blogging success, and the way to edit HTML so as to try and do fancy things like making page jumps.

Basically, content writers are bloggers who write content, using the Effective methods of changing into a booming Blogger.

Academic Writing

Academic writing, on the other hand, is completely totally different from content writing.

Academic writing involves writing lengthy papers on sometimes boring topics. That’s one reason why individuals usually use writing service companies to assist them.

Academic writers got to cite their sources consistent with specific directions or specifications, like using the MLA citation style or the APA citation style. several students have issues citing sources, even once clear directions are given.

Here MLA stands for Modern Language Association

Here APA stands for American Psychological Association


Academic Writing conjointly involves writing papers for others. I personally don’t try this. Instead, I like to recommend them to use services like Elite Assignment, which provides facilities to students in high school, college, and university. Writing services like this one, and dissertation facilitate offers students the choice of getting others to write their essays, term papers, or dissertations for them.

My personal ethics don’t permit me to put in writing such things. I feel that everybody ought to write their own term papers and essays! but, I conjointly recognize that writing is tough for plenty of individuals. many of us suffer from writer’s block. Writer’s Block (+ the ten Best ways in which to beat It) can facilitate such individuals.

However, sometimes alternative factors inherit play. as an example, perhaps there was a death in your family and your term paper is due next week. does one really have the time or energy to devote to a stupid paper once you’re grieving? I feel not.

Which is Better Option for Freelancers? Academic Writing or Content Writing

Honestly, my answer to the current question is this: It’s up to you.

If you’re a powerful writer who enjoys writing essays and term papers, then you ought to positively do it… if your personal ethics can let you!

If you have got a degree in English (like I do), and don’t seem to be working however want some fast cash, then place your skills to work and provide your writing services to a writing company. simply do a fast Google search for websites that have an “Apply as an academic Writer” page. Submit your application, and hope for the most effective. this can be a method you’ll be able to earn cash quickly if you don’t have a writer website however need to try and do some freelance writing work.

Different companies have totally different rates. typically it’s easier to require any job you’re given than to search out a leader who pays you what you really value, particularly if you’re in want of cash.

Most writing firms need you to own robust writing skills.

If anyone needs creative writing, we are here to solve writing issues with creative Writing Skills Delhi, Chandigarh, and India.

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