How much do your proofreading and editing services cost?

Now a days so many questions arises for how much cost for proofreading.  Actually, the Proofreaders charges by the word, giving you the benefit of knowing up front how much your project will cost. For editing services, (rewrites), or unconventional and/or technical proofreading, an hourly rate will apply. Most of our clients have a fixed budget within which we try to work. Don’t publish or turn in an un-proofread document because of price – contact The Proofreaders for a custom quote. Please refer to our Pricing Guide for greater detail.

  • By Word : 4.50/word
  • By Page : 40 Rs/page
  • By the Hour – ($95 and up) : An hourly rate is charged for projects that are hard to quote
  • By Project : All jobs have a $60 minimum

Please Contact Us for Proofreading and Editing Services