How to format a book

As you know, huge amounts of books are published by authors to showcase skills of various subjects. But somehow most of the authors are not received desired response in terms of sales in market. All this due to huge competition in publications sectors.

As per survey, around 85% publishers are not getting desired results due to lack of writing skills. There are various reasons for lack of sale of books in Market :

    1. Publish a poor quality of ebook or book
    2. Promoting a book to no one
  1. Self publishing is free, isn`t it ?
  2. My book is for everyone >> that`s wrong ideology because book content standards are based on subjective guidelines
  3. It is trending , it is trending
  4. It was hard work for me, so my price will be high
  5. Quick ! Quick ! Quick ! Publish it

Know More About Book Formatting Tips

tips for book formatting in Chandigarh

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