How to Write Academic Research Paper Efficiently

After you have determined the kind of research style you may use, however before you sit down and start to arrange your paper, there square measure few belongings you ought to think about doing that may facilitate build the particular writing process go a lot of smoother.

Make a Planning

  1. If your professor has not already created a schedule to follow in developing and writing your research paper by requiring go-between deadlines for finishing the assignment, then drafting a schedule ought to be your beginning. Drawing from key dates in your class syllabus, write in your calendar once the final paper is due, then work backward from there.
  2. Choose specific dates for important steps along the way but focus on setting realistic goals, and then sticking to them Make sure to offer yourself enough time to search out out what resources are available to you , to choose a hunt drawback to investigate, to pick and browse relevant research literature, to outline your paper, to arrange the information you are going to cite in your paper, and to write down your initial and final drafts. Developing a calendar also will assist you to manage some time in relevancy assignments you receive in other classes.

Analyze the Assignment

Carefully analyze the assignment to determine what you are specifically being asked to do.  Look for key terms, topics, subject areas, and/or problems that may assist you to frame a hunt drawback that interests you. Also, make certain that you just perceive the kind of paper you’re being asked to write down. analysis papers discuss a subject matter in-depth and cite credible sources that may duplicate the proof that you just present in controversy a particular perspective.

>>>Strategies for Writing Academic Research Paper 

  • Comparison Approach 
  • Definition Approach
  • Descriptive Approach
  • Evaluative Approach
  • Exploratory Approach
  • Interpretive Approach
  • Narrative Approach 
  • Persuasive Approach
  • Policy Memorandum Approach

General Instruction for Writing Research Paper

Paper Quality

  • Use a twelve-point normal font, like New Times Roman, Calibri, Geneva, Bookman, Helvetica, etc.
  • The text ought to be double spaced on eight 1/2″ x 11″ paper with 1-inch margins on all four sides.
  • Number pages consecutively. don’t variety the page as page one.

General Mistakes that Should Be Avoided

  • Start every new section on a brand new page–avoid orphan headings [insert a page break!].
  • Dividing a table or figure–if possible, confine non-textual elements, like a table or chart, to one page.
  • Submitting a paper with pages out of order.
  • Not adhering to suggested page limits.

Mistakes that Should Be Avoided Regarding Style & Grammer

  • Use traditional prose [“a,” “the,” “an”].
  • Spell checkers and grammar checkers are useful, however, they don’t catch everything. invariably ascertain and, if doable, get somebody to try to to it for you before submitting your final paper.
  • Indent the primary line of every paragraph.
  • If a paragraph is sort of a page long, or longer, then it’s probably too long for the reader.
  • Write in a lively voice, whenever possible.
  • Define all abbreviations the primary time they’re used however don’t use too several abbreviations.
  • They shorten the text however create it tougher to scan. ne’er begin a sentence with an abbreviation.
  • Do not use contractions in tutorial writing and don’t begin sentences with conjunctions (and, but, or) or numerals.
  • Avoid informal expression, addressing the reader directly, and using jargon, slang terms, or superlatives.

Regarding in All Sections of Academic Research Paper

  • Stay targeted on the research problem you’re investigating.
  • Use paragraphs to separate every vital purpose.
  • Present your points in an exceedingly logical order.
  • Use present tense to report well-accepted facts.
  • Use the past tense to explain specific results from your study.
  • Avoid the employment of superfluous non-textual elements; include only those necessary for presenting or enhancing an understanding of the results.

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