Why PhD or Postgraduate is Necessary

A PhD is both financially draining and incredibly challenging. Lasting for 3 – 4 years (depending upon your subject matter) the share of scholars who start their qualification and either fail or drop out is significantly above the other postgraduate course.

However, there are many reasons to review a PhD that outweigh those potential downsides. Here’s five of them…

1) Make a Contribution Towards Your Chosen Field

Many students who pursue a PhD, do so because they’re hooked in to a selected subject, and need to use their research time to form important discoveries within that field.

One of the good things about your PhD is that you simply are going to be ready to conduct your own research. If your thesis and your findings are strong and relevant, other experts within your chosen area of academia will reference your work and your discoveries when teaching future students.

2) Long-term Career Goals

Some students who pursue a PhD, do so so as to pursue their long-term degree goals. For those looking to pursue a career in academia, then a PhD is an important qualification which can allow them to both continue their research, and to show University students. Those wishing to pursue a career within this field should attempt to gain teaching practice throughout their PhD by giving lectures and seminars to first year undergraduates.

Many PhD graduates who are lucky enough to be sponsored to try to to their course continue to seek out employment with the businesses that funded them. Similarly, the analytical and research skills learnt on a PhD course are highly transferable to other industries.

3) Improving and Challenging Knowledge

Some minds are just curious and for these people, studying for a PhD will desire a natural next step. Unlike undergraduate and Master’s qualifications, the PhD program are going to be less structured then students are going to be encouraged to research topics that are of specific interest to them.

4) Enjoyment of the Subject Matter

Again, many students study for a PhD just because they’re hooked in to the topic and need to explore that zeal .

Although contact hours are minimal, the PhD may be a very intense course and you’ll be living and breathing your research and thesis for a minimum of 3 years – so confirm you enjoy it before you commit.

5) Demonstration of Intellectual Potential

One thing a PhD course will do is separate the great academics from the superb ones. It not only demonstrates an individual’s ability to conduct independent research, but also showcases their in-depth knowledge during a specific discipline . Within the world of academia this is often essential.


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